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Thursday, August 27, 2009

longtime no updated...

finally i found a new way to access blogspot...

about the lumetools:
since the xsi's update have implemented more and more lumetools's spdl, and many bugs in the early stage have been fixed, i decide to give up my addon update...

Monday, April 09, 2007

arch_Material_demo for xsi6.01 quickfix~

>>Download(right click,save target as)<<

copy the spdl to your install dir and onverwrite the old one~
now the demo should work with the new xsi6.01:)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

arch_Material_demo Download link~

well~ another project~ download link below:
(you need lumetools addon installed to make it works~)

>>Download(right click,save target as)<<

Sunday, December 24, 2006

yes~the 1.4 public-beta is here!

merry x'mas, and here's the download link:

>>Download(right click,save target as)<<

remember, this is beta version, install it as your own risk!!

the 1.4 final will be release at spring festival, and will(may) have these changes: for xsi6
2.interactive help in phenomena/material ocean_material_lite as a texture node
4.more detailed tutorials
5.layout changes
6.Easter Egg???

Saturday, December 23, 2006

LumeTools 1.4 PublicBeta very sooooon~

1.add interactive parameter help
2.add two new custom phenomena:ocean_material and glass_material
3.add two streaks preset for glare
4.add rob's tutorials(thanks rob for the hard work:)
5.glow_material's diffuse bug fixed
6.some other spdl code fix

i'll release it tomorrow~~:)

merry x'mas~

Thursday, December 07, 2006

LumeTools 1.3 final for XSI 4.2/5.0+

Introducing the LumeTools Collection

The LumeTools Collection is a series of shaders which together provide a wide range of tools and realistic natural effects for mental ray ® . By using mental ray's extensible architecture, these shaders expand and improve upon the mental images base shaders in a variety of ways.

LumeTools Collection is widely known as a powerful Shader Pack in the Softimage3D Age~unfortunately~ the Softimage's revolution product--SoftimageXSI didn't integrate LumeTools properly...
Though XSI 4.2 have the LumeTools library~but most of the LumeTools' Shader were not introducted~ and the rest shader's spdl were buggy...
This Addon's aim is to provide a "ready to use" LumeTools!!~

The lastest version is 1.3, support both XSI 4.2 and XSI 5.0+
The under development version 1.4 only support XSI 5.1+

>>Download(right click,save target as)<<
>>Mirror(thank Eric Thivierge for hosting it)<<

ps: if u can not download it,just pm me

psps: if u need tutorial, please view this page:

version history

version 1.3:
1.get rid of ooooold phenomena-declare mode(yeah~now i use metashader instead,this may fix the workgroup problem)
2.various OS support(XSI5 version only)
3.use the lume library included in xsi(XSI5 version only) "PNP"--after install the addon,it's ready to use!(XSI5 version only) auto-refresh when ui changes
6.ocean parameter fix
7.some other fix......

version 1.2:
1.add script control to make some parameter stretch-able and automatic:D
2.add group/row/tab to clean up some prolix paramters(like landscape/glass)
3.revive the lume_Adjustments shader:)
4.some shaders' attribute fix
5.some paramters' range & default value fix
6.inclue both xsi4 and xsi5 version

version 1.1:
1.some shader's default parameter was fixed to make them work properly(ex.lume_Ocean,big thanks to super_cabbage & ayan13 in hxsd forum);
2.incremental rendering support;
3.the pack was made to Addon for convenient installation;
4.two version for general & sse2 based cpu;
5.nice preset thumbnail(big thanks to rob );
6.shelf toolbar integration;
7.some other fix...

version 1.0:
first public release