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Sunday, December 24, 2006

yes~the 1.4 public-beta is here!

merry x'mas, and here's the download link:

>>Download(right click,save target as)<<

remember, this is beta version, install it as your own risk!!

the 1.4 final will be release at spring festival, and will(may) have these changes: for xsi6
2.interactive help in phenomena/material ocean_material_lite as a texture node
4.more detailed tutorials
5.layout changes
6.Easter Egg???


  • At 8/1/07 14:06, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So, you just unrar and put the .xsiaddon-file into Softimaga/Addons/InstaledAddons? Sorry, but I'm kinda new to this.

  • At 10/1/07 17:38, Blogger JoshuaChang said…

    certainly not~
    in xsi, choose file-addon-install to install the xsiaddon file~
    search the help for detailed infomation~~

  • At 8/2/07 12:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    You know who I am!

  • At 30/3/07 15:20, Anonymous Chriz said…

    Hi Joshua,

    both links dont work for me.

  • At 5/4/07 13:57, Blogger JoshuaChang said…

    leave your email,i'll send it 2 u~

  • At 7/4/07 03:01, Anonymous Mila said…

    Hello Joshua,

    Seems both links are dead for me too :( Any help greatly appreciated Email:

    Thank you

  • At 9/4/07 10:50, Blogger JoshuaChang said…

    seems i got an error on sending attachment...
    please try right ckick-save target as to download the file,if this still doesn't work,let me know~


  • At 18/4/07 09:49, Blogger Chriz said…

    The link worked for me now. But for some reason i had to copy the download link into a new browser tab (im using firefox)

    Thank you very much for this nice shader collection.


  • At 3/7/07 11:49, Blogger Владимир said…

    Hi.. Please, send me Luma_tools 1.4.

  • At 26/8/07 20:36, Blogger sandro said…

    Please, i've buy xsi only for lume shaders!!!Please the download link is broken, please help me!!Thank you!!!Renderman1999.

  • At 26/8/07 20:37, Blogger sandro said…

    i'm sandro (the last comment)my email is
    Thank you very much!!

  • At 19/9/07 08:27, Blogger JoshuaChang said…

    the download link is ok, please use ie and right click on the link, save target as~that's all.
    if u still can't get it, let me know~

  • At 20/9/07 15:19, Anonymous Jurriaan said…

    Thanks man You're the best! This shader helps me out alot. Its light, beautifull. I have been creating one for myself the last 4 hours and when I finally got what I wanted it completely screwed up again on a different surface. Your shader doesn't, I love it.

  • At 13/6/08 08:48, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The links doesn't work, IE, Safari or Firefox. "You don't have permission to access /lumetools/blog/arch_Material_demo.rar on this server"
    Is it possible to send me lumetools beta for 6 on


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